mulhollandvelvet wrote:
Deryk wrote:
My doubts about this being an authentic Z attack is in the dialogue he had with Hartnell and Shepard.

If he wore the mask out of fear that he may leave a witness or to see the look of terror on their faces, why have such a strange conversation with them about escaping prison and going to Mexico?

If he really wanted to put the fear into the couple and the rest of the population incase he didn't finish the job, which in this case he didn't, why didn't he refer to himself by his own moniker? Why not say something along the lines of "I'm the Zodiac Killer, I'm going to do this or that to you like when I did this to these other people" This would've made the whole thing way more terrifing than a couple just thinking they're getting robbed.

For someone that is apparently so in love with having his own work in the papers and reveling in the terror on the faces of his victims like so many people think, he seems a little shy in this case.

Why not give proof that's more concrete other than some writing on a car door that may or may not match and a phone call that there is no way to verify it was the same person that called after the Ferrin/Mageau shooting? Why no letter claiming this as his own with details about the crime like the others?

Just my thoughts.

Wouldn't all of these issues apply equally to a copycat, if not more so? I mean if you are gong to copycat Zodiac maybe you should identify yourself as such. 

Zodiac had only recently started using the "name" and only once time as far as I remember.  Up to that point, someone who wanted people to think it was him, primarily had the symbol and handwriting to work with.  So, it was out there, but not widely known like it became after Stine.

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